Three Poems in The Sunflower Collective

The Sunflower Collective is the newest poetry initiative I know of. It’s not your usual poetry blog. And it’s not just poetry for the sake of poetry. There are specific aesthetics and ethos here, some of which may not sit pretty, even though the poetry maybe pretty…pretty powerful. But more than my words, read what they themselves have to say:

“The Sunflower collective is a blog that celebrates Dilettantism in Poetry and aims at showcasing poets who have not necessarily been trained formally. We plan to publish and reprint works of both published and unpublished poets we like. We dig the Beats and Hungryalist schools of poetry and believe in John Coltrane’s philosophy that all good art is introspective, personal and hence, political.”

Also read their manifesto:

And yes, given all that, I’m pretty proud to have had three of my poems chosen from a bunch that I’d sent, by the editors for their latest post. My poems ‘Bitter Coffee,’ ‘Headache’ and ‘How We Bring Happiness into Our Lives’ in the link below:

Bangalore based Short Story Lovers Meet Me at Atta Galatta on Saturday, 28th February, 2015 at 6.30 PM

If you love short stories, you’ll love this event called Brief Encounter, hosted by author Madhavi Mahadevan and Atta Galatta.

It’s a regular event, and this time I have the privilege of being one of the writers who will get to meet short story aficionados! And yes, I’ll also give you a taste of my new book – Breasts and Other Afflictions of Women: Stories, published by Authorspress, India.

 The other person who you will get to meet apart from me, Madhavi and the good folks of Atta Galatta, is story teller par excellence Deeptha Vivekanand who runs regular story telling workshops for children and adolescents.

So if you love short stories, as a writer and/or as a reader do join us at around 6.30 PM on Saturday the 28th of February 2015.

Atta Galatta ‘s address:

Atta Galatta,
134, KHB Colony, 5th Block,
Bangalore 560 095
Phone: +91 80 4160 0677
96325 10126

More about Madhavi at


More about Deeptha Vivekanand at


Look forward to seeing you! :)

Breasts and Other Afflictions of Women Listed in Muse India

Always feels good when a magazine you’ve been associated announces your publication news! Muse India listed my latest book – Breasts and Other Afflictions of Women: Stories published by Authorspress, India

 in their news and events page –

Thank you GSP Rao!

PS: Details of where to purchase a copy are in my blog. Check the page titles on top, and click on the one that lists sites where you can buy the book. Currently it’s available online through Amazon and Authorspress website



Culling Mynahs and Crows Reviewed in Readers’ Club of Delhi Website

The Readers’ Club of Delhi are the good folks who had earlier listed my novel “Culling Mynahs and Crows” among the top twenty good books of 2014, as voted by their members. Now they have uploaded a review of the book. You can read it here:

I love the way the reviewer, Brahul Kshetri, has gone through the book meticulously and written about it with so much care. Another thing that makes me feel good is that these are young people who have found my work worth reading and mulling over. As a writer, one of my concerns is to be able to reach the minds and hearts of a wider range of people, and if my work appeals to those who are shaping this country of ours, that certainly makes me feel I am on the right track.

Thank you Readers’ Club of Delhi!


Unwanted – a Poem in

Undergroundflowers is a poetry magazine, curated by noted poets Gopikrishnan Kottoor, Bhibhu Padhi, Tapan Kumar Pradhan and Prabhanjan Mishra. Though new, Undergroundflowers already has a following. I am proud to have a poem in their latest issue.


It’s still there. Stopped in time.

The season’s first mustard blossoms loosening

their yellow pollen. As yellow,

as the petals they came from.

The petals that set them free to ride

 air and breeze. The wind. The bees.

The flowers on their slender stems

touching your chest. Yes, you were that small then


To read the rest of my poem – Unwanted – go here:!poetry-table-7/c1zfk

To read the other poems scroll down the tab on top left –

Thank you.





Out of Print Blogs About my New Book – Breasts and Other Afflictions of Women

Here it is, a page for my new book in Out of Print’s Blog:

Many thanks to Indira Chandrasekhar, editor of Out of Print magazine.

Last year, Out of Print had published my story  “Word Among Poets,” which is included in the collection – “Breasts and Other Afflictions of Women (Stories)” published by Authorspress, India.

You can read the story here, including the book blurb by the talented American writer Soniah Kamal, author of “An Isolated Incident” (Fingerprint, India):

And, you can also buy the book. :)

At present it’s available from –


And also at the publisher’s own site:


Breast and Other Afflictions of Women – Short Story Collection Published by Authorspress, India

December brought good news again. A neat parcel sent down from Delhi, containing my author copies of Breasts and Other Afflictions of Women, a short story collection containing thirty one stories, short and very short. A lovely Christmas gift from Authorspress, India!

BaOAoW on bed pic 1

Breasts and Other Afflictions of Women

Breasts and Other Afflictions of Women


If you’ve read my stories online, and enjoyed them, get the book.

At present you can buy Breasts and Other Afflictions of Women from and Authorspress website.

Those who prefer e-books, have to wait a bit.  Breasts and Other Afflictions of Women – Stories will also be available in an e-book, shortly.

Other links at Authorspress:

Authorspress storefront at Amazon:

Beneath the Dust Jacket

Beneath the Dust Jacket


Front and Back Cover View

Front and Back Cover View

Contents and a bit from Acknowledgements

Contents and a bit from Acknowledgements

Obsessed – A Poem – in Silver Birch Press

Obsessed, a poem was published in Silver Birch Press’s ‘I am Waiting Series’ in December 2014. Yes, this is late I know. No excuses; just blame it on the holidays and after effects! Forgive me, and do read my poem:

And also read the other poems in the series. An unusual theme with equally enjoyable works of poetic art!



Btw, my book of short stories is not forthcoming, but already published! Just thought I’d let you know. :)


Poem in Crannog 37

Okay, this was published last month in Crannog 37, one of my favourite magazines. Things got in the way, and then I forgot to post it!

crannog 37 cover









The poem – Midnight Moonlight Sonata – is literally about an experience, standing at my window in the middle of a moonlit night and literally watching the poem happen and unfold. And, yes, I noticed; that’s two “literally-s” in one sentence! ;)

Midnight Moonlight Sonata in Crannog 37

Midnight Moonlight Sonata in Crannog 37

The issue (37) of Crannog where it appeared is still current, and you can buy it here:

I’ve already received my contributor’s copy and enjoyed the many fine stories and poems in it. Proud to be among such talented writers and poets. I love Crannog!